KEITH’S coaching philosophy comes from his experience as an endurance athlete.  He competed at the NCAA Division 1 level for the University of San Francisco Cross Country Team from 2002-04, and also ran the 800m during the track season.

After his last year of competitive collegiate sports, he turned to triathlons, marathons, and other endurance events. He finished his first Ironman in 2009.  In 2010 an Achilles rupture playing basketball left him sidelined for six months.  He used CrossFit as a way to rehab and train himself to get back into shape.  Ever since, he’s been hooked, and decided to open CrossFit Old County with Josh and Kris to share his philosophies.

When Keith is not at the gym, working at Oracle, or enjoying the outdoors, he spends time with his WIFE Karen, family and friends.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting

MINET SEPULVEDA is a World Weightlifting Championships bronze medalist, as well as a nationally-ranked champion in Track & Field and Figure Modeling. A licensed chiropractor for nine years, Minet is dedicated to helping people of all ages, sizes, and abilities increase their muscle mass, endurance, flexibility, balance, and sense of well being. She offers dynamic training programs based upon clients’ physical status, lifestyle, and temperament. Her holistic approach is informed by cutting-edge research in functional rehabilitation, sports medicine, and nutrition. Complementing her extensive training and experience in physical fitness and health are her outstanding interpersonal skills, ability to coordinate with other health care professionals, and passionate commitment to total wellness. Minet is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Italian and Portuguese.

Minet fell in love with athletics at an early age, practicing gymnastics at the age of seven and running track in middle school. Minet began strength training when she was fifteen years old, at the behest of her high school track coach and mentor. She went on to break records in weightlifting, becoming the first woman from Puerto Rico to win a medal in the World Weightlifting Championships (Japan 1999). After moving to California to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), she continued to set weightlifting records at the Northern California Open and the California State Games Championships. These results qualified her to compete in the US Open and later in the US Nationals where she placed 5th and 7th respectively. Minet began entering figure competitions after turning 35 and giving birth to her son. She placed 8th in Figure at the 2012 NPC USA Championships after less than two years of training and preparation, having placed 1st and 2nd locally. In 2013 she was the overall figure winner at the NPC San Francisco Championships. Her next athletic goal is to take first at the 2014 NPC USA Championships.

Since joining the world of competitive figure modeling, Minet is taking her personal training expertise to the web. She will soon launch a health and fitness blog to help readers at all fitness levels to understand the connection between looking good and feeling good and to promote strength training as an important way to communicate with one’s body. Minet is particularly interested in reaching working mothers like herself who are uncertain about how to set and reach fitness goals safely and efficiently. The blog will be called, and she hopes it will become the go-to place on the web for honest advice about how to look and feel your best.